Classes, Courses, interesting activities and tours around Chiang Mai

Furnished Flats for Rent in Chiang Mai

Now that you have made your way up to beautiful Northern Thailand, why not take a little break from the shopping and eating and try your hand at one of the 40 activities listed below.
There is something here for everyone we hope. Keep in mind that some activities are seasonal and weather permitting. Some have age, weight and fitness restrictions as well.
All of the below activities are extremely popular with tourists especially during the peak season so you need to let us know at least a week or two beforehand if you want to attend or participate in any of them as availability is limited.

We have a Staff member whose job it is to arrange all of the below activities for you should you want. Our Staff will also be happy to make the booking on your behalf and collect the tickets for you. We will co-ordinate your pickup and transportation from your apartment to the venue and also send you off with a small packed lunch.
Something to keep in mind is that the ticket prices are the same everywhere in the city whether you buy them from us, a travel agency or directly from the company.

Motorcycle Tours :

If you have a few extra days to spare and you fancy a trip out of Chiang Mai, then we have a few interesting packages we can offer you. We can also send you more detailed information on any of these Tours should they interest you.
Your bulky luggage and shopping can be safely stored with us during your trip if you are coming back to Chiang Mai.

Motorcycle trip around the Mai Hong Song Loop.
Motorcycle tour to the Golden Triangle.
Motorcycle tour around the Chiang Mai Samong - Chiang Mai loop. ( 1 day )
1 or 2 day trip to Myanmar / Burma ( Your passport / Visa permitting ).
Trip to Doi Intharon National Park The highest point in Thailand.
Day trip to the Hot Springs by small motorcycle ( Includes Lunch ).

Classes :

Chiang Mai has an abundance of centers that offer classes in many subjects that are all of interest to any visitor to Thailand. Below is a list of some of the most popular ones. If you want specific information about any class just ask us. We can book all of the below activities for you and arrange transportation for you to get to and from each venue.
Let one of our Staff get the tickets and arrange transportation to the venue for you at no charge.

Thai Cooking schools / classes in Chiang Mai.
Muay Thai boxing classes in Chiang Mai
Thai Massage schools, classes, courses in Chiang Mai
Learn Thai Dancing in Chiang Mai.
Thai Language Classes.
Photography Classes in and around Chiang Mai.
Meditation courses in Chiang Mai.
Yoga Classes in Chiang Mai.
TEFL courses in Chiang Mai.
Pottery classes in Lampang.

Adventure Sports :

After you have visited all the Wats and Temples in Chiang Mai and your credit card needs to cool down from all the shopping you have been doing, it might be about time to take a walk on the wind side.
If you have a been there, done that list, then this should help you complete it.
Let us know before you arrive if any of the below interest you and we can send you more information on that activity. Again, for obvious reasons some of these activities have age, weight and fitness restrictions.
Bring plenty of batteries for the digital camera and some spare underwear just in case.

Golf in some of the best courses in Northern Thailand.
Bungy Jumping in Chiang Mai
Paragliding in Chiang Mai
Small aircraft flying / flight over Chiang Mai.
Shooting Range in Chiang Mai

Horse Riding in Chiang Mai.
Rock Climbing and Caving adventures in Chiang Mai.
Monkey Center / Monkey School.
Hot Air Balloon Flights.
Mountain Biking in Chiang Mai and in the surrounding mountains.
Go-Carting in Chiang Mai city.
Bamboo Rafting and Kayaking.
River Rafting in Chiang Mai province.
Scooter and Motorbike rental in Chiang Mai( 100cc 750cc ).
Thai Boxing classes with private instructor.
ATV rides through Northern Thailand.
Rainforest adventures via Zip Wire / Aerial Runway Chiang Mai.
Trekking adventures 1 day to 1 week in Northern Thailand.
Elephant Rides and Elephant Camps in Chiang Mai or close by.
Evening bicycle tour around old Chiang Mai.
Snake Farm in Chiang Mai.
Paintball in Chiang Mai.
Water buffalo riding in Mae Rim.


Let one of our Staff members get the tickets and arrange transportation to the venue for you at NO extra charge. We even send you off with a small packed lunch and a drink.
Please note that if you participate in some of the above activities you might upset the company that sold you travel / accident insurance. Check first with them to see if you are covered to do any of the above.
Is there any activity or adventure sport that you would like to participate in and you do not see it on the above list? Drop us a line and we can see if we can arrange it for you.


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Scooter / motorbike rental in Chiang Mai is very affordable and definitely worth the effort if you want to see some amazing waterfalls.
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