Why choose a Furnished Apartment Rental over a hotel room

Short Term Apartment Rentals in Chiang Mai

If you have ever stayed in a furnished apartment, a holiday let or a vacation rental before and have experienced the differences between it and a hotel room, then you will already know the answer.
Everyone has different tastes, requirements and comfort zones. Most people these days are bored with hotels and are now opening their minds to different and more modern accommodation ideas.

We like to offer what we call " an alternative to hotel accommodation " whereby you get to stay in an actual luxury furnished apartment in Chieng Mai as opposed to a 20X20 room with generic furniture and void of any character.

Every one of our Flats in Chiang Mai is uniquely furnished and decorated and when you walk in the door you can see that someone has taken the time to make the apartment feel like a home.

You can entertain and impress your business contacts and friends by bringing them back to your Apartment, something that you would not consider doing in a million years if you stayed in a hotel room.
Sit in your living room and discuss business, plan your next adventure for tomorrow or relax with that special someone while you watch a movie or dine over a real home cooked Thai dinner.

A furnished vacation rental apartment in Chiang Mai offers you much more space than a Hotel ‘ Room ’ and you will have an actual address and not just a room number.
After a days sightseeing or shopping in Chiang Mai you will happily come HOME to an apartment but most people dread going back to a Hotel ROOM.


Family or Friends Coming Over

A lot of Ex-Pats who live in Thailand live in either a small apartment or a Thai house with Thai facilities. Eventually you will invite the family over or they will invite themselves. Having Guests over from another country is an extremely stressful event and certainly no holiday for you.
The last thing you want is to have your darling Mother or Father staying with you for 2 weeks ( trust me from experience ). What with those strange toilets, man eating geckos, the local dogs, fireworks and music keeping your jetlagged guests awake at night.
So, tactfully get them out of your hair and into alternative accommodation where you both will be a lot happier.
They would go crazy in a 20X20 hotel room because no one would be happy spending long hours under lockdown. Room service is extremely expensive and the rooms ( unless you are paying $ 200.00 a night ) are void of any character. After they have unpacked their cases on the floor there is not much room left to maneuver about. As obvious newbies to the City they are vulnerable to every less than savory tour operator and taxi drivers that hang around both inside and outside most hotels in Chiang Mai. After a few days all of you would be requiring therapy.

Now if they had their own furnished accommodation in Chiang Mai where they could relax, move from room to room and even cook a meal , that would give them a lot more independence and you a little more peace of mind.
You could continue with your daily routine and not feel guilty about them being trapped in a hotel room or alone in your house with the new Relatives trying to converse. You could even go hang out at their place.

All our Chiang Mai serviced apartments are centrally located and within a 5 minute walk to the Night Bizarre. The air conditioned Chiang Mai city bus stops at the end of the road and that will take them in and around the city. We can provide all the additional services that a hotel provides .
You can be happy and relax in the knowledge that we are looking after them and that we are just a phone call away in case a savage gecko tries to attack your Mom.

You must live in the Chiang Mai area, give us a call and make an appointment to come over and see our Apartments and then you can decide after being here if your Family or Friends would prefer one of our Chiang Mai holiday rentals or a Hotel Room.

Business Traveller

From our professional experience we know and understand that many people, especially business travellers would prefer to stay in a Furnished Apartment rather than a generic hotel room void of any character.
In a recent survey of business travelers by Conde Nast Traveller, they were polled on what type of accommodation they preferred when they travel on business.
Running a very close second to Hotel Room was Furnished / Serviced Apartment .
The BBC television program Fastrack which is targeted at you the Business traveller ran a program in November 2007 and said the following about Furnished / Serviced apartments.

“ Maturing first in the United States and the Far East, in the last five years the serviced / furnished apartment sector has grown four times as fast as the hotel market and not surprisingly the competition is hotting up. International groups like Hyatt with their emphasis on social dining are part of a burgeoning industry where everyone is falling over to provide that extra layer of personal, customized service “.

“ Mind you the hotel sector isnt taking this new development lying down. Recognizing that serviced / furnished apartments are biting into their market and profits with alarming speed, they’re hitting back by developing their own suite brands “.

Our prices are extremely competitive to those of many of the mid range hotels in Chiang Mai and we offer you substantially more for your or your Companies money.
With a Luxury Furnished Rental Apartment in Chiang Mai you can entertain business clients in style or hold casual meetings or interviews there.
We can even arrange to have our Thai cook come over and make you or your clients a delicious traditional Thai meal while you haggle out your next big deal.
These are things you would not consider doing in a million years in a hotel room.
A hotel room is basically a bedroom, what we offer you is an actual apartment which is more akin to small suite.
We are confident enough to say that once you have stayed with us in one of our luxury furnished condos in Chiangmai, you or other company members will want to stay with us again. Next time you come back to Thailand and you are looking for a places to stay in Chiang Mai we are positive that it will be us you will call when you are seeking top quality accommodation.


Visiting Chiang Mai on holiday for a few days

Chiang Mai is a great place to visit. No matter what time of the year it is, there are lots of interesting Festivals and amazing markets where you can spend hours just browsing and wishing you had a bigger suitcase and more money. When you are here in Chiang Mai why not try a Thai cooking course, a Thai massage course or be adventurous enough to go on a trek or ride a large elephant.
Have a look at our What to see and do in Chiang Mai section for list of exciting things to do while you are here. You will never get bored and before you leave you will already be planning your next trip back.

The easy past was picking the destination, Chiang Mai City and Thailand are famous internationally as places where you are guaranteed an unforgettable holiday.
Now since you are looking at this site it must be time to find places to stay in Chiang Mai. You will fly across many countries and time zones and this is not something you will do every year. Why not be a little bit more adventurous and consider staying in a Luxury Furnished Vacation Rental as opposed to a generic Chiang Mai hotel room this time.
Spend a few minutes on our site, have a look at the photographs of our actual apartments and read a little about what we have to offer.

If you have never stayed in a furnished apartment before, there are lots of good reasons why you should at least try it.
We know how easy it is to just tell the Travel Agent to book a room for you or to book one on-line because how different can a hotel room be ?
They have never seen the rooms and usually have some deal worked out with the hotel whereby they get a commission for referring you. They have a financial interest in you staying in a hotel room, hey its business and that’s how it works.

Well one thing is for sure, a hotel room will definitely live up to everyones expectations.
A cheap hotel room in Chiang Mai will be the same as a cheap hotel room in London, Rome, Rio and Sydney. Hotel Rooms are the same worldwide and people are getting bored with this concept. Be adventurous and do something a little different this time and rent a furnished apartment.

Standard Hotel Room

Chiang Mai furnished apartments .Com
The best apartment buildings in Chiang Mai Thailand.
Take a Thai cooking class in Chiang Mai Thailand.



Chiang Mai hotels will of course have a bed, a generic lamp or two, a writing desk with hotel writing paper, a silver coloured TV and a small brown fridge in the corner full of overpriced miniature junk food and a few beers. You will be provided with 2 glasses wrapped in plastic, a list of hotel organized tours and a menu from the kitchen offering you Thai food at a ridiculously high price .
So you will sit on the bed or on the hard brown cloth chair they provided and watch Thai TV before you fall asleep from boredom. Its not that exciting, is it ?
A room is a room no matter how you advertise it, but one of our vacation rentals in Chiang Mai is more like a home and you can see and feel the differences when you open the front door.

Read a little more about us and see what we offer. Look at the photographs of the actual apartments and compare them to the photographs of the room that the hotel is offering you. Look at the quality of our furniture and imagine yourself spending the evening relaxing on the couch in the living room planning your next days adventure or winding down after a hard and cheap days shopping in Chiang Mai.


Here are a couple of quick points to consider


All of our furnished rental apartments in Chiang Mai are just under a 5 minute walk away from the Chiang Mai Night Bizarre and Pantip Plaza. You are in the heart of the city with a multitude of things to do just outside your front door. Our nearest neighbour is the new 6 star Shangri La Hotel so if the location they choose for their amazing hotel is good enough for their clientele then it will be perfect for you.
There are some amazing restaurants as well as entertainment venues in this area also.
You are beside some of the best shopping markets in Northern Thailand and like a squirrel you can pick up your bargains and run back to the apartment with them before going out again for more.
You are minutes from anywhere in the city and just under 12 minutes from Chiang Mai International Airport.


Believe it or not, a Furnished Apartment is cheaper to rent than the majority of decent hotels in the area. As you can see from the photos, you also get a lot more value and space for your money and when you stay with us you become one of our Guests and not just a reservation number.
Consider not only the extra space, the privacy or the amenities we offer as standard, think about how different it will feel to stay in an actual apartment in Chiang Mai.

Still jetlagged and waking up at 3am feeling hungry ?, Calling room service for a meal or a snack could result in you having to sell your car. In one of our apartments all you have to do is just get up and go to your full sized fridge and make yourself a meal in one of our fully applianced kitchens.

After you add up all the little things, and in life it's the little things that count, you will easily come to the conclusion that staying in a serviced apartment rental in Chiang Mai is a much better deal than staying in a cheap hotels in Chiang Mai.


Our Linens and Towels are washed in a professional laundry facility in boiling hot water to 5 star hotel standards.

In a furnished apartment you can relax and feel like you are home for a few days. The environment , atmosphere and the sense of well being that comes from being in a comfortable setting makes it a more contusive place to work or unwind on your well deserved vacation.

Relax and feel like you are home for a few days