Additional Extras

Apartment Rentals in Chiang Mai

Here is a list of some of the additional services or conveniences that we can provide you with. Some of these little extras might be very useful to you during your stay in Chiang Mai.
If you have any ideas or inclusions that would help us make this list even better and more interesting then we would welcome your feedback with enthusiasm. Just let us know.

Please enquire about the price ( EURO ) at the time of your reservation or 2 weeks prior to your arrival.

Chiang Mai International Airport pickup.

Pick-up or drop off at the Airport in Chiang Mai. No need to worry about getting to and from your Apartment at irregular hours. A useful option if you also have heavy luggage.

Motorcycle for rent in Chiang Mai or Bicycle Rental.

If it has 2 wheels then we can rent it to you. Have a little bit more freedom to go where you want and when you want by renting your own transportation. We even provide the mandatory helmets and a couple of maps so you can find your way back home. Ask us for more information when you make your reservation or when you arrive.

Car Rental in Chiang Mai.

If you need help renting or reserving a car in Chiang Mai then we can do all the groundwork for you prior to your arrival. Your Rental Car will be delivered to your Apartment and all you have to do is the paperwork.

Professional Cook to prepare a Thai meal for you or your guests.

Relax and let someone else do the cooking and washing up for you. Have a traditional Thai meal prepared in your Apartment by our Cook while you just watch and learn. Choose from a selection of popular dishes on our menu. All ingredients are of course fresh so we need at least 24 hours notice.

Catering for Business Meetings at the Apartment.

Impress your Business Clients by inviting them over to your Apartment for a home cooked meal. We do all the work ( including the washing up ) so you can just sit back and entertain.
You choose the meal(s) from a menu 24 hours before hand and our Cook will get up at 3am, go to the market and get everything fresh for you. Sorry, Thai food only.

Daily Maid Service.

While you stay in one of our Serviced Apartments or Furnished Apartment rentals in Chiang Mai we will come and replace your bed sheets, towels and pillowcases 3 times a week. Our Cleaning Staff will also give your Apartment a quick clean. If you require an additional cleaning or a Maid visit every day just let us know. The cost is minimal.


Not all of our Apartments have laundries. Installing a washing machine is up to each individual owner. It’s also extremely rare in Thailand to find dryers in apartments. Most Thais give their dirty clothes to laundries to be washed.
If you require your Laundry done please contact the office. For basic items we charge anywhere from 60- 80 THB a kilo for wash and dry. We will not accept or be responsible for any valuable items as we out-source this service and local laundry shops always assume little or no liability.
Please allow 24 hours to receive your laundry back.

Parking within the building ( subject to availability ).

If you are driving to Chiang Mai or you have rented a car then you might require onsite secure parking at your Apartment. Not all of our buildings have parking and in those that do the spaces are limited. Please let us know in advance so that we can advise you of availability and price.

Use of Fitness Center / Pool / Sauna in the building.

All of our Chiang Mai Apartments have access to one or all of the above. If you wish to use the facilities then you can purchase a pass for 24 hours. Please note that only registered Guests can use the facilities and each building has different rules and regulations regarding their use.

Mobile Phone Rental.

Stay in touch with your travelling companions, your friends and family back home or even your Boss by renting a Mobile Phone for the duration of your stay in Chiang Mai. We will provide you with a fully charged phone as well as a private telephone number and 5 EURO credit.
The nice thing about this idea is that we will give you the telephone number before you leave home so you can give it to who ever you want.
Save money on international calls by being able to send and receive SMS / Text messages.

Desk Top Computer rental, includes inkjet printer and popular software.

Need to work while you are here but do not have a laptop computer ? We can provide you with an up to date desktop computer as well as an inkjet printer. Our computers come with some of the most popular software installed on them. We will bring it to your Apartment and install it for you making sure that everything is working. Great idea if you are the type of person who likes to check their e-mail 548 times a day and hates sitting in an internet caf with people looking over your shoulder. Upload your holiday photos and burn them onto DVD from the privacy of your apartment without paying a fortune to have it done in an Internet cafe.

Internet access.

So you have packed the laptop or rented a computer from us and now you need to get online. We offer a few options depending on what Apartment / Building you are staying in. Connection speeds vary a lot depending on the time of day or the service to your Building / Apartment.
Check you e-mail or your bank accounts in the privacy of your own apartment without the worries of people looking over your shoulder as is the case in many internet cafes. Download your holiday photos, view them and then send them to your friend or envious work colleagues.
Please enquire more about the rates when you make your reservation.

Late check out.

Our check out time is 10.00 AM and it might be the case that you do not depart Chiang Mai until the afternoon. We offer Late Check Out as an optional extra subject to availability of course.
If our next Guest is not arriving until later that day then we can offer you this option. If this is something that you are interested in or its a possibility then please make a note on your reservation indicating what time you might need to stay until.
If you still want to check out at 10.00 AM but have a few hours still to go before you leave for your next destination the you can always leave your bags safely with us. ( no charge ).
If permitted, a late stay up until 2:00 PM would incur no costs, after this time we charge EURO 7.00 an hour ( or part thereof ) up until 5.00 PM.
Our late check out option does not extend past 5.00 PM.
Sometimes this option is not available due to prior bookings or reservations for your apartment so please be understanding of this.

Personal Shopping Guide.

Like the rich and famous or a movie star you too can have your very own Personal Shopping Guide. Have one of our Staff go out shopping with you and help you find that perfect gift or memento that you were looking for. Why waste time going from market to market when with the help and knowledge of a local person you can go directly to the shop or market you need to.
Bring the fun back to shopping and relax and watch someone else do the haggling for you.

Our Staff do not work on commission neither do they receive compensation in any form from any of the shops they bring you to. We cannot guarantee you local prices, but they will hopefully be better than the ones you would get.
What we can promise you that your whole gift buying experience / nightmare will be speeded up and more enjoyable thereby leaving you more time to go sightseeing.
Our Personal Shopping Guides are available for and full days.

Personal Travel Guide in Chiang Mai.

Are you the type of person who can get lost even in their own town and are completely baffled and confused when it comes to finding your way around using a map ?
We can offer you the services of our locally born travel guide who can accompany you around Chiang Mai as you sightsee. Just let him know what you are interested in seeing and together you can plan an itinerary for the next day in the comfort of your own furnished rental apartment.
Our Travel Guide is available for and full days and only in the Chiang Mai City area.

Taxi Service in Chiang Mai.

If you like to travel in comfort in an Air Conditioned car and are put off by the idea of driving your own transportation in a strange country then we can arrange to hire a Taxi for you.
Mostly they will charge you a set rate for the place you want to visit or you can even arrange a price for the whole day. Keep in mind that fuel prices are continuing to rise so you need to book this option when you arrive here in order to get the most up to date price.

Range of Tours and activities.

Have a look at our What to see and do in Chiang Mai section for an extensive list of activities available in the Chiang Mai area. We can arrange them all for you, pick up your tickets and in most cases have the company pick you up from your apartment. We even send you off with a small packed lunch.

Real Estate Services.

There are very few people who come to Chiang Mai who do not fall in love with the place. There is something about the lifestyle and buzz in Northern Thailand that convinces people to buy either a second home here or pack up everything they own and retire here.
One of the first things you will need of course is a roof over your head. Most people rent for a few months before deciding what area they want to finally settle in.
Chiang Mai has a huge ex-pat / foreign community scattered all over the place. Every area, community and apartment building offers something different.
There is a huge selection of apartments for rent in Chiang Mai. Whatever your budget you will find something that suits your needs. Its easy to rent an apartment in Chiang Mai, the process is the same as anywhere in the world. There is usually a contract and you will always have to pay a security deposit as well as first months rent.
If you are interested in renting an apartment in Chiang Mai or buying a condo in Chiang Mai then talk to us first. There are many real estate offices in Chiang Mai but when it comes down to experience we like to think that we are the best.
Give us a call and have a relaxed and friendly chat with a knowledgeable English speaking Agent who can offer you as much advice as you want and who can help you find that special place to hang your winter coat here in tropical Northern Thailand.

Thai Massage courses in Chiang Mai.

There are many Thai massage schools and Thai massage classes in Chiang Mai. Some needless to say are better than others and have better reputations. If you are interested in learning traditional Thai massage in Chiang Mai then we can help you choose a good Thai massage school in Chiangmai based on our experience and the experiences of others.

Thai Cooking classes in Chiang Mai.

There are many Thai cooking classes and Thai cooking schools in Chiang Mai. It’s a very popular activity for many of the foreign visitors who come to Chiang Mai. Taking a Thai cooking class in Chiang Mai is easy as there are so many Thai cooking schools in Chiang Mai offering instruction. Its either a 1 or 2 day course and the great thing is that you get to eat what you have created. If you are interested in attending a Thai cooking class in Chiang Mai then we would be happy to help you choose a great Thai cooking school in Chiangmai as many of our guests have attended most of them at some stage.

Learn to teach English as a second language ( ESL ) in one of the best TEFL courses in Chiang Mai or Thailand.

Have you considered a change of career and a profession that is more rewarding and less stressful ?
While you are in Thailand spend 30 days of so doing a TEFL course in Chiang Mai. Learn to teach English in Chiang Mai at one of Northern Thailand’s best Universities and language schools.
There are many TEFL courses in Chiang Mai to choose from but this option is the best by far. You get an internationally recognized TEFL teaching certificate from a well renowned University and not just some fly by night school.
If you are going to do something, do it well. Its easy to take an internet course where you are guaranteed a pass or take classes in one of the less reputable schools where you are equally guaranteed to pass.
At .. they make you work for you TEFL certificate and future employers know that. They have a great reputation for producing excellent teachers.
If you are serious about learning to teach then consider taking this serious course. Contact us for more information.

Hopefully, the only thing that we are missing is YOU.