Apartments and Real Estate for sale in Chiang Mai

Condos for Sale and Rent in Chiang Mai Thailand

Are you or will you be considering purchasing an apartment or condominium in Chiang Mai in the near future.
If so I am sure that you have a million questions that you need to ask before you even consider looking at your first property.

Like in any city or country of the world, buying investment property in Chiang Mai or in Thailand comes with its own special rules and regulations as well as pitfalls.

Spend some time or a lot of time on the internet reading about other peoples experiences and problems as well as success stories before you start looking for your home away from home. It’s always best to be prepared and to understand the process as you will be the person parting with their hard earned cash.

In the near future we will be offering a selection of luxury condominiums for sale in Chiang Mai in modern apartment buildings in the center of Chiang Mai city.

Keep an eye of our website for more information.