Apartments for rent in Chiang Mai
Long Term

Property for Sale in Chiang Mai Thailand

Looks like you have been bitten by the Chiang Mai bug and now you want to stay here a little longer. Don’t worry it has happened to many of us.

You now have to decide where you want to live and how much you want to spend on renting an apartment in Chiang Mai. As is the case in every city in the world, you get what you pay for.
If you live outside the city you will save a lot of money, get more space but sometimes miss the city and the ease and access to all the nightlife and restaurants here.
Live in the city or very close to it and you will see the prices increase, the apartments get slightly smaller but the social scene improve dramatically.
Between the two aforementioned options, the price difference might be just around 100 Euro but the quality of life is totally different. The main reason that people come to live in Chiang Mai is that it is a beautiful city with plenty of things to do.

There are many apartment buildings in Chiang Mai and numerous apartment rentals in Chiang Mai as well.
These buildings range from being old tired and dilapidated apartment buildings to brand new Japanese designed investment properties in Chiang Mai and built with the picky foreign investor in mind.

During the low season we rent our Chiang Mai Furnished Rental Apartments out at very competitive prices for terms ranging from 3-6 months.
There are also many apartments for rent in Chiang Mai in the apartment buildings where we have our units.

Peaks Garden Chiang Mai and Twin Peaks Chiang Mai always have some great apartments for rent. Both buildings are extremely popular with foreign community because of their location and their excellent reputation.

Please contact us by e-mail and give us an idea as to your price range, the size of the apartment you are looking for, your ideal location, how long you will be staying in Chiang Mai and other little things like, will you need parking, swimming pool or access to public transportation.
If there is a specific apartment building in Chiang Mai that you desire, please also let us know.

As foreign investors in Chiang Mai and real estate professionals as well we always have our finger on the pulse because its second nature to us.
We always know of owners who have apartments for rent in Chiang Mai, sometimes before they do.

Good decision to stay longer in Chiang Mai, now spend a little time looking around and find a great apartment for rent in Chiangmai.

Keep an eye on this site as in the near future we will be offering you a selection of fine apartments to rent in Chiang Mai.