Budget / Cheap Apartments for rent in Chiang Mai ( 3 Star )

Budget Apartments for rent in Chiang Mai Thailand

Not everyone wants to spend a lot of money on their accommodation in Chiang Mai and to some people the price is more important than something like luxury. We have found that many people contact us looking to rent a cheap apartment in Chiang Mai and until now we have had nothing to offer them.
Times are tough, exchange rates are bad and this holiday is probably costing you more than you planned already.

We can now point you in the direction of some great and cheap furnished appartments for rent in Chiang Mai that are located in or very close to the city but do not come with all the amenities and luxury that we offer with all our other Chiang Mai Furnished Apartment rentals.
If you can do without the pool for instance, if a smaller kitchen is ok and you are happy staying in a slightly older building then they hopefully have something for you.
You will still be taken care of in a similar manner but you will not be pampered as much as if you stayed with us.
What these people have done is taken an older Apartment in Chiang Mai and polished it until it shone but they could not change its location or the actual building amenities.
There are a limited amount of these units available ( Studio / 1 Bedroom / 2 Bedroom ) and they are ideal for the budget conscious individual or couple who is travelling and need a nice place to stay in Chiang Mai that will not break the bank.

They offer a 3 night minimum stay and they can also offer you weekly, monthly and yearly rates as well. Definitely the best low cost apartment rentals in Chiang Mai.

So, if you are fine with staying in a regular and cheap apartment in Chiang Mai and you do not mind a slightly older apartment building ( it was young once like all of us ), if you can deal with being 12 minutes away from the center of the city and you do not need all the bells and whistles that we offer, then please contact them directly for rates, locations and reservation information at : ChiangMaiBudgetApartments@Gmail.com

Please Note : These Apartments are neither Owner, Operated or Managed by us but we have consulted with and assisted each Owner in the furnishing and outfitting of their Budget 3 Star Furnished Apartments.
Each Owner will operate and rent their Apartments according to their own rules and policies so please consult directly with them at the above address regarding deposits, charges and what is or is not included in the apartment or in the nightly rental price.




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