Honeymoon in Chiang Mai

Short term accommodation in Chiang Mai


!!! Finally !!!

You have some time to yourself and where better to spend the first week or so of your married life than in Chiang Mai.
You have said a tearful goodbye to the Parents and friends at the airport and now it is just you two assuming your new Husband is not bringing his Mother along.
For one of you anyway, you have been planning this event since you were a child, you have always imagined the dress, the cake, the ceremony and then the perfect honeymoon.
You have chosen the destination, booked the flights, got the shots, read the travel guides and or course bought the new wardrobe.

My guess is that after going thru the whole wedding planning stages and the event you must be completely burnt out. There is no need to put a whole lot of effort into planning a honeymoon in Thailand or a honeymoon in Chiang Mai for that matter.
Getting yourself here is the biggest part, once you have recovered from the flight its easy to plan your holiday as Chiang Mai is so laid back and easy to navigate. There are 1000’s of things to do here and part of the fun in being married is that you get to explore and find new places together.
The last thing you want is to be herded around by some tour company when all you want is some time to yourselves in a quiet restaurant or in the beautiful old temple you just visited.
Do what you want, when you want to and on your terms.

Back to the hard sell

We offer luxury furnished apartment rentals in Chiang Mai as an alternative to a generic and boring hotel room. You must have stayed in hotel rooms hundreds of times before but you will only have a honeymoon in Chiang Mai once.
When you arrive at your furnished apartment in Chiang Mai we provide you with a folder listing all the possible tours, activities and trips you can do or take in Chiang Mai.

The rest is entirely up to you.

There is a telephone in your apartment and you can call any of these companies yourselves or if you are concerned about the language barrier we can arrange for and collect the tickets for you at no additional cost.

Hint : Most newly married men would really love to learn to cook Thai food as well as doing a Thai massage class in the evenings. You can spend the day at the spa getting pampered while he slaves over a stove.
I say this only because I know it’s the Wife who is doing the research for the trip.

Now that’s the softest hard sell you will ever get.

Come honeymoon in Chiang Mai, Thailand and your memories of your first real time together will last you a lifetime.

By the way, if there is anything you want or need that will make your Chiang Mai honeymoon that little bit more special, all you have to do is let us know. And if you do end up deciding to stay with us, please make a point in noting on your reservation form that you will be spending your honeymoon in Chiengmai and we will have some extra special little gifts for you.

Whether its your first or twenty first marriage, choosing to spend your honeymoon in Chiang Mai will be the second best decision you have ever made.