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Apartment rentals in Chiang Mai

There is an old saying that goes as follows " you get what you pay for ".

This is always the case when you see two similar items for sale but one is half the price of the other. Then after taking a closer look at each item you will realize why one is cheaper and the other more expensive.
The same applies to short term accommodation and furnished appartment rentals here in Chiang Mai.
Everyone these days is jumping on the " serviced apartment / short term rentals " bandwagon hoping to make a fast buck. If companies market their properties as quality then you should get quality, if they advertise their rental property in Chiang Mai as budget apartments then that’s ok because they are not trying to pull the wool over anyones eyes.

There is another old saying and this one is in Latin and it goes as follows, Caveat Beware or Buyer Beware.
Sadly you need to be extra cautious when you are making purchases online no matter what you are buying. In the case of renting accommodation, you will not see what you paid for until you arrive here and after an 18 hour flight you are in no mood to fight, all you want to do is sleep.

Here are some of the major differences you will find between some of our cheaper competitors properties and our luxury furnished apartment rentals in Chiang Mai.

When we say our Furnished Apartments are 5 minutes away from the Chiang Mai Night Bizarre we mean by foot. Some Companies like to confuse the issue by claiming the same but their properties are in fact 5 minutes away if you just happen to be traveling by Taxi and it is doing 250 kilometers and hour with the wind behind it.
You can definitely save money by staying out of the city or in one of the older apartment buildings in Chiang Mai but you will end up using these savings on Taxi rides.
Here is where our apartments are located in proximity to the Night Bazaar.




Our BATHROOMS were designed for foreign investors and the fittings were chosen with Foreigners in mind. There is a big difference between an South East Asian ( Thai ) bathroom and a Western bathroom.


In Thai style bathrooms you will find either a squat toilet or a small regular toilet designed to accommodate someone with an Asian physique. Sitting on one of these tiny toilets makes it difficult to ‘ conduct business’ and you will feel like a Gulliver in Lilliput.
Let me try and explain this feeling a little better, did you ever go back to the school you attended when you were a small kid and try and sit in your old chair at your old desk ?, same feeling.

Same goes for the showers, our shower heads are deliberately installed 2+ meters up the wall so you will not have to squat at an awkward angle in order to get under the stream of water. Shower heads in Thai buildings usually will only come up to the middle of the average foreigners chest.



We offer and provide HOT water 24 hours a day and this comes from German manufactured water heaters in each apartment. Our competitors like to say the same but in reality it’s just luke warm as the water usually comes from a tank on the building roof that is heated by the sun. The likelihood of having a warm shower on a cloudy day or at night is slim.

I am sure that everyone has experienced that uncomfortable hot sticky feeling you get when you sit on a plastic sofa or car seat for even the shortest period of time.
All of our sofas are either leather or fabric and not plastic or pleather like some of our competitors. Our sofas and furniture were designed for foreigners meaning that they will accommodate people of larger frames. The average Asian will be more comfortable sitting on a sofa lower to the floor that you. If you have ever had back problems or find it difficult to get up off a low sofa then you should be careful.
It does not matter how many covers you put on a plastic sofa, in the tropics it will take only moments before you realize what you are sitting on.

For some strange reason the Thais seem to like these types of sofas, possibly because they are cheap. I must certainly do not and I will not allow one in any apartment we are renting.
So relax and watch a movie without having to shift around all the time when your bum gets wet. The last thing you want to get before you head to the beach is nappy rash.

A balcony is something that you should be able to sit out on, well our balconies you can anyway. In fact some of our apartments have 2 balconies with table and chairs on both of them so you can sit outside and have a meal or a drink in the cool Chiang Mai evenings.
Balcony space is something you pay for when you purchase an apartment, it considered part of the apartments SQM.
Thais do not put a lot of importance to the idea of sitting outside on a balcony, its wasted space or it ends up getting used to store the bicycle. It is only really in foreign designed buildings where you find actual balconies as for some logical reason, foreigners love to sit outside.

Our competitors may say that their apartments have balconies but judging from what I have seen of their units and the photos on their websites you would be hard pushed to even put 1 chair out on them, well assuming they are kind enough to provide you with a chair in the first place.
Have a look at the photo of the building where we have the majority of our apartments and note the large balconies on each unit. Also have a look at the floor plans we have on our website and you will see proper balconies.
This building is about a year old now and commands some of the highest prices per square meter north of Bangkok if you wish to buy here.

It all boils down to money. If you buy a cheap Thai designed condominium, furnish it cheaply with Tesco / Walmart furniture then you can only expect to attract Guests by offering cheap prices.
On the other hand, if you purchase a foreign designed investment property in a luxury building it only stands to reason that you would also furnish and outfit it to a high standard too. If you are to get a return on your investment then you have to offer a quality product to justify the price you charge.

We are not embarrassed to charge what we do because what we offer you is worth what you are being asked to pay. Our prices are a lot higher than our competitors because we offer you quality and luxury.
Our standards, policies and customer service experience comes from successfully providing furnished / serviced apartments to corporate American management for over 15 years. These people know what they want and if they do not get the quality of service that they require you will soon hear about it.
If I can make the CEO of Americas 12th largest company happy then I can definitely do the same for you.

Lastly, when you rent one of our luxury furnished apartment rentals in Chiang Mai, whether it is just for 3 nights or 3 months, before you are required or asked to make any deposit you are forwarded actual floor plans of the unit you will be renting as well as actual recent photographs should you want them.
The last thing anyone wants after an 18 hour flight is a nasty surprise when they open the door of the apartment they rented off the internet and realize that they were cheated by misleading advertising.
You definitely get what you have paid for with us, but with other companies that offer a cheaper product but also advertise it as luxury, it’s a roll of the dice.

We strongly believe in the honest and fair marketing of our business, our furnished apartment rentals in Chiang Mai and our other property and services.
We promise to show you genuine photographs of the actual Chiang Mai apartment you will be renting so you can be rest assured that you will get what you have paid for.

Oh and one more thing, we guarantee you that you will not get nappy / dyper rash from sitting on any of our sofas.