Places to eat + things to do BESIDE our Chiang Mai Apartments

Condo Rentals in Chiang Mai city Thailand

The following few paragraphs will give you an idea as to what to do and where to eat when you stay in one of our Vacation Apartment Rentals in Chiang Mai.
We basically took out a map and drew a circle around our Apartment Building in Chiang Mai encompassing an area of 1 Kilometer. You can walk to ALL of the below places in under 10 minutes.

Peaks Spa
Literally outside the front door of our Chiang Mai apartments is one of Chiang Mai’s best boutique Spas. It opened just recently and already it has a loyal customer base because it is good. There are many Spas in Chiang Mai to choose from but Peaks Spa is definitely on eof the top 3 and worth stopping in as you pass by.

Bake and Bite

This extremely popular Foreign breakfast haunt is less than 5 minutes away and serves up some of the best breakfasts in Chiang Mai. They not only make their own bread, bagels and mouth watering pies but they can also rustle up the best turkey dinner in Thailand. They have 3 small outlets in Chiang Mai and this one is fully air conditioned and an oasis on a hot day where you can sit down for a smoothie and read an English newspaper.

Fish Spa Chiang Mai ( Fish Actually )

Directly across the road from bank and Bite and on the second floor below the open bar is the strangely name Fish Spa. Get a little closer to the place and you will look up and see many people sitting by the windows with their feet in fish tanks. It’s a unique idea that supposedly comes from Malaysia and has found its way up here to Chiang Mai. The fish eat the dead skin off your feet and it is supposed to feel quite ticklish. A few copy cat versions have popped up in the area but the original is till the best.

Red Machine

Right above the Fish Bar in Chiang Mai is the open roofed bar called The Red Machine. Its called this because they specialize in the sale of Johnny Walker and because they have many TV screens showing English football ( Liverpool / Man United ). Most nights they also have a singing duo who perform not a bad selection of the oldies.
A great place to spend a relaxing evening as it’s on the 3rd floor you get a bird’s eye view of the Night Bazaar and the surrounding area as you also benefit from the gentle breeze blowing through the place. They also serve food.

Pantip Plaza Chiang Mai

On the corner of the intersection and right beside where the Night Bazaar starts is Pantip Plaza. This shopping Mall specializes in Electronics and computers but it also has some interesting restaurants inside it as well. On a hot or rainy days it’s a great place to go to escape the weather and have a cool drink, do some shopping or eat some Japanese food.

Chiang Mai Night Bazaar

Just about a 5 minute walk away from your Apartment is the start of the world famous Chiang Mai Night Market. Here you will find everything and anything you could ever want and you can do all your souvenir shopping in under an hour. In the evenings both sides of this street ( Chang Klan Road ) become one of the longest shopping streets in Thailand as they are filled with stalls selling everything. You can spend hours walking up and down the street and visiting the many markets in the side streets.


The Dukes Restaurant Chiang Mai

Just 10 minutes from our vacation apartments in Chiang Mai is the ever popular Dukes Restaurant set in the middle of the Night Market. If you are having withdrawal symptoms and missing burgers, pizza cooked in a wood fired oven, ribs and steak then this is the place to head. Fantastic food at reasonable prices and all just 3 blocks away from where you will be staying. They can arrange delivery by the way as well.

Mc Donalds Chiang Mai
Burger King Chiang Mai
Starbucks Chiang Mai
Haggan Daz Chiang Mai
Subway Chiang Mai

Do not tell me for one minute that you are surprised to see that ALL of the companies listed above also operate in Chiang Mai. Well they are all beside each other or just across the road from each other at the first intersection on Chang Klan Road in the Night Market.
A little over 10 minutes walk from your apartment and you can get your morning latte, a Big Mac or a Sub. Mc Donald’s delivers by the way so you can save yourself the walk and order in !.

Vietnamese Restaurant in Chiang Mai

At the bottom of our Soi and across the road is one of Chiang Mai’s hidden little gems. Thi s very non descript restaurant serves amazing Vietnamese food and it very popular with the locals who know about the place.
The menu is in Thai which is a good sign meaning that they have not been exposed to tourism yet but there are also photos of the food.

The best Italian Restaurant in Chiang Mai
Right beside the Shangri La Hotel is a small Plaza and just inside on the left is the best Italian Restaurant in Chiang Mai. The Chef is Italian and offers a mouthwatering selection of authentic Italian food and fine wines. A great place for a quiet delicious Italian meal with that special someone even if that someone is yourself.

Shangri La Hotel Chiang Mai

On Sundays and during the week days the Shangri La Hotel in Chiang Mai puts on an amazing buffet lunch. This is one of Chiang Mai’s newest hotels and dining there at least once is suggested. Our Apartments are literally next door to the Hotel but unless you plan on scaling their wall it will take you 5 minutes to walk there.

Black Canyon Restaurant Chiang Mai

Directly across the road from the Italian Restaurant is Black Canyon restaurant. This is a popular chain of eateries that serves nicely prepared Thai food, smoothies and great coffee. Its fully air conditioned, smoke free and convenient to the apartment.

Kosher food in Chiang Mai and Halal food in Chiang Mai

Walk just a little more down the road and there is the Chiang Mai Shabad House where you get Kosher food in Chiang Mai and a few doors down is a great food stand that sells some of the tastiest Halal food in Chiang Mai. The owners are Muslim so all the food is Halal and delicious. This little Halal restaurant in Chiang Mai serves mostly Southern Thai food which is similar to Malaysian food and consists of a lot of curries cooked with coconut milk.

Banks and Foreign Exchange in Chiang Mai

For some reason every bank seems to have an office at the bottom of our Soi. If you need to change money in Chiang Mai, open a bank account in Chiang Mai or use an atm in Chiang Mai then you are spoilt for choice. Most banks in Chiang Mai are open 5 days a week and some are open for a half day on Saturday. Bangkok Bank in Chiang Mai is our favourite and you change money there and get a great exchange rate.

7/11 convenience stores in Chiang Mai

At the bottom of the Soi is a 7/11 that is open 24 hours a day. Ideal for a late night snack and it’s a great place to pick up little bits and pieces.


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