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So what did our last Guests cook in the apartment ?
This is a question that is extremely important to some people and to others it does not matter.

About 6 months ago we had a client come from the Middle East. They arrived from the Chiang Mai Airport by taxi and on the roof they had a box of pots and pans that they brought with them to use. I realized then that it’s extremely important for people of certain religions and people who have made specific dietary choices to know what was cooked on the pots and pans last.

If you have a specific dietary or religious requirement whereby you do not want to use cooking pots or pans that were used to cook meat or meat of a certain type, please let us know and we will be sure to provide you with kitchenware ( pots / pans ) that are either new or were never used to cook meat of any type in.

Please note this on your initial reservation and please remind us before you arrive so that we can arrange this for you.


There are many vegetarian restaurants in Chiang Mai, in fact some of the best vegetarian restaurants in Chiang Mai are within walking distance of the majority of our apartments.
The best Vietnamese restaurant in Chiang Mai is a few blocks away and they serve delicious vegetarian food prepared with a Vietnamese touch.
Vegetarian restaurants in Chiang Mai abound with more opening every day.

Five minutes walk away from us is a small restaurant that serves some of the best Halal food in Chiang Mai. There are many Halal restaurants in Chiang Mai and if you like to cook your own food then we can direct you to a great Halal butcher shop in Chiang Mai that will also do deliveries.
Halal restaurants in Chiang Mai are more abundant than you would think. There is a large Muslim population in Southern Thailand and their food is extremely popular all over Thailand. You will find many small street restaurants serving Halal food in Chiang Mai as well.

A block or so away from our building is the Chiang Mai Chabad House and there you can find one of the largest varieties of Kosher food in Chiang Mai on the Sabbath. There are also many Kosher restaurants in Chiang Mai, we would be happy to direct you to them.

Enjoy eating and cooking what you like in our apartments in Chiang Mai and we will try our best to help you maintain your religious or dietary observances.