Retire in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Corporate apartments for rent in Chiang Mai


Is it that time already ?

The last 30 or so years have just flown by and now its time for you to sit back, relax and take life easy.
Pensions are not what they used to be and the cost of living and the weather is forcing many retirees to leave their home countries in search of a place where they can afford to live and not have to worry about excessive bills.

Thailand is extremely popular with retirees for numerous reasons. The cost of living is a lot lower than most European countries and there is easy access to reasonable priced medical.
The weather in Thailand is great most of the time and anyone with arthritis or rheumatism will attest to the benefits of living in a warm country.

I am sure that since you are reading this page you are already considering Chiang Mai as a retirement destination and you are looking for information about property prices in Chiang Mai with a view to moving over here.

Most people who retire in Chiang Mai have visited the city a few times at least and have fallen in love with some aspect of it. Northern Thailand and Chiang Mai in particular are a world away from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok or the constant partying of some of the beach areas and islands.
Retirement life up here in Chiang Mai is a lot slower and the people more relaxed and this is very much evident in everyday life.

So, the idea of staying in a rented house does not appeal to you, well not for the long term anyway. The faster you find your own home the cheaper it will be for you in the long run.
Don’t rush into things though, it’s smart to spend a some time living in short term accommodation in Chiang Mai just until you familiarize yourself with the city and choose an area to live in that you like.

Like any city, Chiang Mai has many great neighbourhoods and each one has its own thing going for itself. Some areas are more hip and trendy but can be expensive while other areas might be a little quieter but a lot cheaper.

Real estate in Chiang Mai and the pricing of apartments for sale in Chiang Mai follows these trends so carefully choose an area you want to live in based on the factors or requirements that are important to you.

There are many Real Estate companies and Estate Agents in Chiang Mai who basically all have the same listing. There are also many apartment buildings in Chiang Mai that have condos for sale.
The newer condo buildings in Chiang Mai offer a more modern living environment and have amenities like a swimming pool, elevators and high speed internet. Buying a modern or recently built condo in Chiang Mai will mean that you potentially will have less problems with the apartment and the resale value should be a lot higher.

On the other hand, you could purchase an apartment in an older apartment buildings in Chiang Mai, spend a little money renovating it and thus increase its resale value. My guess is that you are not into property speculation and you just want a home and do not need or want the hassle of renovating a property in Chiang Mai. Being retired means that you don’t have to or want to go through something like this.

Since we have many friends here in Chiangmai who are retired and have to listen to their experiences and stories on a regular basis we have a pretty good grasp of what the majority of people who want to retire in Chiang Mai want and or need.
We have heard of all the pitfalls, scams, problems and hassles involved with buying an apartment in Chiang Mai, in fact we have gone through the process numerous times and would like to think that we are at this stage well versed in the process. We would never call ourselves experts because no such individual exists when it comes to buying real estate in Chiang Mai or Thailand.

If you are planning on coming to Chiang Mai and need to sit down with someone for a free and friendly consultation regarding the purchasing of a retirement home or buying a condominium in Chiang Mai then just contact us and we can set up an appointment to meet with you.

By the way, Choosing Chiang Mai to retire in is a great decision.