Special Offers

Chiang Mai Short Term Rentals

Through out the year we offer many different packages and discounts on our Chiang Mai vacation rentals depending on the season, festival or the time of the year.

Since you have clicked on this link I am going to assume that you are looking for a better deal or at least a way to save some money.
Times are tough for everyone these days and we know that everyone is looking for a deal. Offering discounts / promotions is a way to generate business and at the same time making your Guests happy.

Keep an eye on this link and bookmark it as we update it regularly and if we find that we have last minute availability, rather than leave one of our short term serviced apartments in Chiang Mai vacant we will offer a substantial last minute discount. Empty Chiang Mai apartment rentals generate no income.

If you have just made last minute plans to visit Chiangmai and are looking to rent one of our Chiang Mai furnished apartment rentals then please contact us by telephone and we can check on availability and pricing for you.

All other promotions or discounts offered before November 15 have now been cancelled and are void.

Here is what we are currently offering