Is there ( H1N1 ) swine flu in Chiang Mai Thailand

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So you want to know, is there ( H1N1 ) swine flu in Thailand or is there swine flu ( H1N1 ) in Chiang Mai.
This is a real difficult question to answer so I will answer the question with a question. Is there swine flu in your own country ?

The media has been reporting cases of Swine Flu ( H1N1 ) in almost every country of the world on a daily basis. While the hype certainly sells newspapers and fills television news slots they fail to point out to you that more people die on a daily basis from heart disease , motorcycle accidents or tobacco related illnesses in Thailand than from this flu.

In all honesty from speaking to my Thai friends and listening to the media here, the Thais are actually afraid of catching swine flu from YOU !!
Come the winter months when most tourists come on holidays from Europe and the USA to Thailand they will possibly be bringing swine flu ( part 2 ) with them.

Thailand and Chiang Mai are as safe to visit as your local shopping center or mall and it’s up to you to take as many precautions as you deem necessary to prevent yourself being exposed to this flu. The ironic thing is that you could catch it at the Chemist / Pharmacy when you are buying your sun block for this holiday, from your travel agent or at the airport check-in counter in your own country.

Short of living in a plastic bubble or wearing a chemical haz-mat suit no matter where you go or what you do you will at some stage be exposed.

Your health department and the media suggest that you wash your hands on a regular basis and refrain from touching your eyes or being in a confined area with someone who has this flu. They also suggest that you clean your work surfaces as this virus can remain alive for up to 24 hours on items like a kitchen work top, remote controls or door handles.

While we cannot prevent you from being exposed to this virus entirely, we can and have taken adequate additional steps to make sure that our apartments are cleaned properly to lessen your risk of exposure.

After each of our Guests has checked out and during the cleaning process we now do the following :

All air conditioner filters are removed and cleaned in a solution of bleach and water.
In the bathrooms and the showers, all surfaces are cleaned with a strong and effective bathroom cleaner and then washed down with fresh water to clean off any residue. The taps and toilet handle are cleaned with a strong solution of bleach and water.

The following items are now also cleaned or wiped with a mild solution of bleach and water :

Remote controls for the TV and A/C.
All door handles and the apartment keys.
The fridge and its shelving.
The knives and forks.

Our laundry is and has always been sent out to a professional laundry company that uses hot water and steam pressing. The vast majority of laundries in Chiang Mai use only cold water and in our opinion that is not an effective germ killer. The towels and face cloths are also subjected to this hot water treatment.
We do what we can to make sure that your holiday is not interrupted


Be prepared but don’t be scared as you are coming here on holiday to enjoy yourself. Odds are that if you stayed at home you might end up catching this flu from your Postman or the old lady that sat beside you on the bus.

So in answering your question, is there swine flu in Chiang Mai Thailand, as I write this I honestly do not know anyone with it and if I did, I guess I would stay away from them for a few days and take all the normal precautions that Doctors recommend but not alter my lifestyle.