Terms and Conditions

Short Term Lets in Chiang Mai Thailand

The most important part of this agreement is that you come to Chiang Mai and enjoy yourself. That’s a non negotiable condition of you staying in one of our serviced apartment rentals in Chiang Mai.

Every company has terms and conditions, it is our way of telling you up front about our business practices and rules. All of the below are pretty understandable and common across the industry.


Reservations, bookings and deposits are not transferrable. The person who makes the reservation deposit must be one of the Guests who checks in.

Occupancy is limited to those listed on the reservation form only.
All of our Serviced Apartment Rentals in Chiang Mai have occupancy limits. Additional occupants are not permitted without prior consent but in some apartments there is enough space for a fold out bed.
We can provide you with one at no additional charge if you give us some advanced notice. We do not permit our Guests to use our sofas as beds.

Each Apartment has a secure wall mounted safe. You agree to change the 16 digit security code on this safe to a number that only you will know and you agree to always store your valuables in this safe at all times.
We are not liable or responsible for any valuable items lost or missing from your Apartment. If you have an item that is too big to fit in the safe, please notify us and we will take care of it for you.

You agree to assume full responsibility and liability for the actions of any Guests you bring into your Apartment and the Building and as noted above, we accept no responsibility for items missing or stolen from your Apartment.

All of our apartments are Non Smoking as are the common areas of the buildings. You may smoke on the balconies as long as you do not discard the butts or the ash over the side. If these is an ash try provided, please use it.

Check in times are as follows :

Studio Apartment ( STU ) 12.00 am
Small 1 Bedroom( SIB )12.30 pm
Deluxe 1 Bedroom ( DIB )1.00 pm
2 Bedroom Apartment( TBR )1.00 pm

Sometimes it possible to check in earlier, it all depends if the previous Guest departs early or not. If the Apartment is not rented the day before then you can check in at 9.00 am upon verification and approval from our Manager.

Check out time for all units is :10.00 am
If you require a late checkout please notify us in advance and we will check to see if it is possible.

If you are using the parking facilities in any of our buildings we are advising you that the Apartment Owner, ChiangMaiFurnishedApartments.Com, the Building Management or the Juristic Management are not responsible for any damage done to your car by a third party .

You agree to follow all the building rules and posted notices. If you are issued instructions by the Building Security staff or the Building Manager you agree to follow them.

In the event of a fire, you MUST NOT use any of the elevators and instead proceed to one of the emergency stairways which are located in the corner of the building and noted on the floor plan posted inside the door of your Apartment.

You agree not to let any unauthorized persons into your Apartment. If our Staff members ( the Maid ) will be visiting you Apartment you will be notified in advance. If you are concerned about the intentions of anyone who wants to enter your apartment please contact us and Security from the telephone in your Apartment immediately and do not let them into the apartment.

The door of your Apartment is fitted with a secure imported locking system. It is a deadbolt and the door does not lock automatically when you close it as is the case in some countries. Please turn the key twice when locking the door and keep the key with you at all times. Do not deposit the key at Reception.

Attached to your key will be a credit card like device that when inserted into a slot just inside your front door will turn on the electricity. You agree not to separate this card from the key or to try and bypass this system.

If your apartment has wood floors you must remove your shoes before you enter the apartment and then place them in the shoe cabinet just inside the front door. This is a tradition in Thailand. Please do not leave your shoes outside the apartment door.

Respect other people’s rights to live peacefully and quietly in the building by not making too much noise after 10pm-9am. If your apartment has a DVD surround sound system please keep the volume at an acceptable level.

All bills are settled in full the day before you depart.
However, if you are staying with us for longer than 7 nights then we require that you settle you bill with us every 7 nights.

You will be renting someone’s home and not some hotel room n Chiang Mai owned by an international faceless corporation. Please treat the Apartment and its contents as you would expect someone to treat your home. The Owners are not corporations but ordinary people like you so please respect their property.
If you do damage anything in the apartment you agree to either replace it or repair it at our discretion. Replacing damaged items is not a source of income for us, it’s a source of inconvenience so please be careful, that’s all we ask.

Some apartments have open balconies or furniture that is close to windows that are easy to open. These Apartments are not suitable if you have young Children. Please remind us at the time of booking if you have small children and we will consider this when helping you choose an apartment.
If a child or children will be stating in your Apartment you agree to accept full responsibility and liability for them and their safety during the term of your stay. All children must be supervised by an Adult when they are in the common areas of the building and in the area surrounding the swimming pool at all times. Children are not permitted to be in the pool without adult supervision or to use the elevators.

You agree to notify us and the building security immediately at any hour of the day or night should you have a maintenance emergency or a safety issue.
If you loose your key and are locked out of your Apartment only our Manager has a key and the authority to let a registered Guest into the Apartment.
You agree to close all windows and balcony doors in the apartment when you leave. Chiang Mai is infamous for sudden strong gusts of wind and thunderstorms.

You agree that you will provide us with a valid and acceptable form of identification before you check in. Each Guest travelling on a foreign passport must provide us with a copy of their passport as well as a copy of the attached arrivals card. The Thai Immigration Department in Chiang Mai requires that all foreigners staying overnight be registered.

You agree to not possess, use or sell illegal drugs while staying in the Apartment.

If you will be using our wireless internet service ( Wi-Fi ) we want to make you aware that The Royal Thai Police monitor the internet connections in Thailand and block access to sites that are deemed inappropriate or offensive for Thais. Trying to circumnavigate this block is a crime under Thai law. Politically sensitive, pornographic and offensive sites as well as sites that defame the Monarchy are blocked. Since the ISP address for each apartment is separate it is possible to trace the person who was using the internet connection.
A condition of you using the Internet Wi-Fi Connection is that your surf the web keeping the above in mind.

You are not allowed to sublet or assign your apartment or rental term in this apartment to anyone. Only registered Guests as noted on the reservation and the check in documentation are given permission to reside in the apartment.

We must be able to contact you by telephone to verify your reservation details. You agree to provide us with a working and valid telephone number on your reservation form. If we cannot verify the reservation after 3 attempts over 3 days then we reserve the right to cancel the booking.

Reservation / Booking Deposit

In order to finalize your reservation / booking, you are required to submit to us a Reservation / Booking Deposit within 3 days of accepting an apartment. This amount is based on the number of days you will be staying for.

For a stay of 1-4 nights the deposit amount is equal to the sum of1 nights stay.
For a stay of 5-13 nights the deposit amount is equal to the sum of2 nights stay.
For a stay of 14-28 nights the deposit amount is equal to the sum of5 nights stay.

This deposit will be applied to your final balance and will be credited to your account in full. Any unpaid charges or damage will be deducted from this amount.
If you fail to make this Deposit within 3 days then we reserve the right to cancel your booking. If you need more time then please contact us.

Please view our website for more information on how to pay this deposit.


Our Cancellation Policy


Please be sure of your dates when you make the initial reservation. During the busy season in Chiang Mai we do not expect to have any availability and do expect to have our serviced apartments in Chiang Mai booked every day.

Please Note :
Our business and reservation department operates and processes information and requests during Thai business hours. Because of the many time zones in the world and the fact we are usually 6-12 hours ahead of Europe and the USA we would like to inform you that the time and the date that we receive your email here in Thailand to either change or cancel a reservation is the one we officially use here.

If you do need to change your reservation dates around and we have the availability, we would be more than happy to do this for you.
To do this, please contact us by telephone and check the availability of your new dates with one of our Customer Service staff. Please follow up this conversation with an e-mail and we will do likewise just to be sure that there is no misunderstanding. Our e-mail to you will confirm your booking changes.
There is no charge for changing your reservation as long as it is done more than 30 days prior to your arrival and stay at your Furnished Apartment vacation rental in Chiang Mai.
Any dates changes requested 30 days or less before your due arrival at our Furnished Apartments will be treated as a cancellation unless we can accommodate your new itinerary.

If you need to cancel your reservation and it is more than 30 days before your arrival in Chiang Mai, please also contact our office by telephone during business hours and talk to one of our Customer Service Staff members. Please follow up this conversation with an e-mail and we will do likewise just to be sure that there is no misunderstanding. Our e-mail to you will confirm your booking cancellation.
There is no charge for cancellation a reservation as long as you do it 30 days before you are due to arrive in Chiang Mai at our apartment.

If you have paid your Reservation / Booking Deposit using PayPal then this deposit will be returned to you minus the charges that we have been billed by PayPal.
Cancellations made 30 days or less before your due check in date at your furnished apartment in Chiang Mai will incur a penalty equal in amount to your Booking / Reservation deposit.
Any dates changes requested 30 days or less before your due arrival at our Furnished Apartments will be treated as a cancellation unless we can accommodate your new itinerary.


Should you also fail to check in on the date you are due to occupy the apartment without first contacting us, you will be deemed a "No Show" and you will also forfeit your reservation / booking deposit and your apartment will be re-rented. In this situation there is positively no refund unless there are verifiable circumstances like a medical emergency ... Etc.

Should you fail to check out of your apartment at the time and date on your contract, agreement or reservation, you authorize and give your full consent to the Apartment Owner or his Agent / the Staff of ChiangMaiFurnishedApartments.Com to enter the apartment and remove your belongings without incurring any liability. You agree not to hold any of the above liable should this happen.
If you need to extend you stay please contact the office beforehand and we will check to see if you apartment is available for the additional time you need.

If you need a late check out please contact the office beforehand and we will check to see if this is possible. In some cases our next incoming Guest might be arriving within a few hours and this might not be an option.